From Rockland Rivertown Magazine

Gary Lipton is a successful local attorney who handles personal injury cases such as motor vehicle accidents and slip/trip and fall accidents, as well as criminal cases, such as DWI, vehicle and traffic matters, etc.

In 2004, he realized he was not totally fulfilled with what he was doing. ‘I hit a certain age and I wanted a change,’he told us. He decided he wanted to use his legal skills to help others ‘organize their goals for the future.’ Gary has attended classes every three months on establishing and prioritizing goals.

Now, in addition to his legal practice, Gary coaches individuals and businesses by offering strategic solutions to maximize results in a legal, cost-effective and well-planned manner. He guides them in hiring and firing of employees, reducing expenses and choosing proper clients. ‘Often contractors will choose the wrong clients and that can hurt them. There is a tool that we use, known as UCARE – Unique Ability, Compensation, Appreciation, Referrals and Enhancement.’

Gary believes that with proper coaching, he can help a business expand dramatically. Even if you love your business, there may be aspects which you do not enjoy and you certainly do not want to work 24/7. Instead of making your business your life, make it part of the life that you want to live. ‘The trick is to make the business manage itself, which you can do as long as you have the right people working for you.’

Among the services Gary offers are: creating an employee manual, buying and selling businesses, making sure that independent contractors are in compliance with local and state laws, preparing leases and helping purchase commercial buildings. Gary commented, ‘I don’t think there are any other attorneys and law firms that are mentoring and coaching local businesses.’ What are some of the basic mistakes businesses make? ‘The biggest mistake we make is not having a strategy or goal for the future. We do not look into the future and say, ‘This is what I want to be.’

Gary has used his techniques to change his own life. He showed us several pages detailing his goals and how he means to attain them. He said, ‘You want these goals to be reasonable. Every three months, I review and revise my 90-day goals, one-year goals and life-time goals. I make a list of things I have to take care of and put it at the top of my desk so I can look at it all the time.’

And he has incorporated those ideas in helping his clients develop their businesses.

Call Gary today to help you set, organize and achieve your goals. His office is located at 55 Old Turnpike Road, Suite 304, Nanuet. Call him at 845/624-0100 or e-mail him at . For more information, visit