Legal Services

Gary Lipton, P.C. should be your first choice for criminal defense, personal injury and commercial cases around Nanuet, New York. Our legal services have been sought out ever since the firm was founded more than 35 years ago.


Criminal Cases

We will help with clients who have traffic tickets, misdemeanors or felonies. A quick consultation will determine what the client wants and how to move forward. Our firm is a boutique practice, which is a small firm that evaluates the facts and laws of the case, reasonably assessing the legal problems.

Business Coaching, Real Estate and Wills

Let us help you kick start your business, and coach you through critical legal decisions that lead to a successful business. Learn the proper ways to handle residential or commercial real estate, or even to prepare simple wills. Avoid future legal problems with:

  • Contracts/Employment/Buy/Sales of Business
  • Wills
  • Leases
  • Sales of Real Estate/Businesses
  • Business Coaching Pitfalls
  • Openings and Dissolution of Small Businesses
  • Business Manuals

Personal Injury

Gary Lipton P.C. takes cases from personal injuries of all sorts. Common causes include traffic / automobile accidents and slips and falls. During our consultation, simply bring all the necessary information and documents. We will then discuss your options and what direction the case will likely take. We can handle any matters concerning insurance companies, too.

Contact us for an appointment concerning our legal services in our Nanuet, New York location.